:) Hello I am Daniela,

illustrator of weird grumpy characters born & based in Prague in the Czech Republic since '94.

I studied (and graduated, yay!) Media Illustration at Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

To create my illustrations I use Procreate and focus on weird faces, funny situations and grumpy expressions.

Before entering the digital world I used to draw with crayons & I loved their texture! Therefore I stayed with that in my digital drawings, as well. Traditional drawing textures and unusual colours combinations are the main point in my illustrations.

I've been part of many exciting projects already! You can see my mural painting of excercising characters in Pilsen near to the main train station, which was part of the Wallz street art festival. You can find my illustrations in the book "Má rusínská vyšívanka" and I was also collaborating on a great project the "IOGI" - japanese stories created by Czech students into a comic book.

Enjoy my shop & if you want to keep up with my illustrations, you can follow me on IG <3